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Its enough to make a girl want to scale a soapbox and hold forth about communication skills. sandlog view all by sandlog Tuesday August 16, 2011 10:09pm EDT Jump to Top Jump to Bottom I remember reading these in the mid -late 90's. 6684264 documents available. 6. Erik did sort of get his own book: Moving Target which is actually a contemporary of Lowell's. His plan fails spectacularly, but it also kind of doesnt, because by book 3, Erik and Dominic are grudging allies with a grudging respect for one another, Duncan and Amber are happily joined, and Simon is engaged to Ariane, a wealthy Norman heiress. Post a comment Name Email (bbCode allowed): Subscribe to this conversation (must be logged in): Individual - You will receive an alert for each comment added to this post. Simon is the worst of the lot. Make no mistake: the protagonists behavior is often unrealistic. I dont mean that the sexy scenes are unusually graphictheyre pretty euphemistic, actually, though certainly not shy. Come on, Elizabeth Lowell get together some "early-'90s touches" and write his book! 9. Report abuse. kinda bent. He really needed one. Gen Turner Monday August 15, 2011 09:39pm EDT Jump to Top Jump to Bottom Enchanted is one of my all time favorite romances. Duh.) Because this is the Middle Ages, before the advent of the pee-stick technology, he decides to wait around until her period before they consummate the marriage. thejedigoddess view all by thejedigoddess Saturday June 07, 2014 08:22am EDT Jump to Top Jump to Bottom I just revisted this series on Audiobook and WOW, I miss good medieval stories such as this. Digest - You will receive an end-of-day alert for all comments added to this post. Most of us just cant flail like these when our romances go awry, because careers dont pause for heartbreak and the catbox still needs cleaning. Thanks for this post, Kelly! 2. I would have loved for Erik to have a book. register log in remember me forgot password MonAug 15 2011 4:30pm bookmark 10 comments Untamed, Forbidden, and Enchanted: Rereading Elizabeth Lowells Medievals Kelly Faircloth I cant be the only person who looked at the rock-solid pairing of Catelyn and Ned Stark and thought: Damn, where did I put those Elizabeth Lowell medievals? Set in Northern Britain in the harsh eleventh century, Untamed, Forbidden, and Enchanted follow the pacification of the Disputed Lands, some uncertain, borderline pagan territory that the Norman King Henry wants to control and the Saxon locals are none too keen to cede. (Hes all set financially, due to his participation in the Holy Lands ransacking.) Luckily, hes a great favorite of King Henry, who wants the Northern end of his kingdom brought under control. No heirs without love! Druid types who can read emotions and communicate with animals! This can be tough to swallow, especially given the paranormal boom of the last decade or so. He tells Meg to marry Duncan instead. 65288a64fe

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